Social Security Card Name Change

Social Security Card Name Change

If you change your name, become a u.s. Birth certificate / {state birth certificate authority} u.s.

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Changing your name on a social security card is easy—as long as you provide the right evidence.


Social security card name change. Marriage certificate and/or license, and divorce decree Once you’ve changed your name—either by marriage, divorce, or the legal name change process—your first step should be to contact the social security administration (ssa) to update your social security card. Anglin proper identification will be required to make a social security name change.

Regardless of whether you are requesting a social security card name change due to marriage or another reason, you must submit proof of: Final adoption decree with the new name; However, you can continue to apply for a replacement social security card online and by mail.

Change the name on your social security card because of a marriage, divorce, or name change. If you legally change your name because of marriage, divorce, court order or any other reason, you must tell social security so you can get a corrected card. Get a new card for yourself or a family member who has never had a card before.

When you are changing your name on your social security card, you need to file specific documents along with your application. Any adult is also able to legally change their name at any time. Proof of citizenship or lawful immigrant status;

If you need to update both your legal name and gender marker, please select the first option below (this is the most common option, and it is easiest to. Amended birth certificate with the new. Social security office name change form:

These steps are for people who already have social security cards. If you haven’t changed your name with the ssa, you'll need to show your former name on the tax return instead of your married name to avoid delays. Changing information on your social security record.

Person on records parents information. This is used to notify your employer of the social security name change, or with any other changes like address. You will also need to change your name on your social security card.

And remember, if you simply need to replace a lost social security card, but don’t need to change your name, you can — in most states — request your replacement card online using your personal my social security account. Every federal and state entity links your identity to your ssa record, so you need to update it to get a new driver’s license and passport, and any other form of photo id. Update information on a social security card (e.g.

You cannot apply for a corrected card online. Your updated social security card is the gateway to your name change process. People who have legally changed their names due to marriage or divorce are able to file for a name change on their social security card.

It is important that once your name on your social security card has been changed, your employer should be notified as well, because they are the ones who will post your wages in your record. Court order approving the name change; Any evidence you offer—id, records, certificates—must be original or certified copies.photocopies, notarized copies, photos, and receipts are unacceptable.

You'll need proof of identity, citizenship, a completed social security form, and proof of your name change. Typically, at least one of the following original documents will need to be presented: The process of applying for a social security card for a name change is similar to the process of getting a social security replacement card.

Social security card / social security administration (ssa) a copy of the order to change your name (step 1, if applicable) u.s. Birth date, middle name, mailing address). Documents social security may accept to prove your child's legal name change include:

If you need to change the name on your child's social security card, you must show them proof of your child's legal name change. Corrected card for a noncitizen adult. Failing to notify the social security administration of a name change can have significant consequences.

Citizen, or your immigration status or work authorization has changed, you need to tell social security so we can update our records and when necessary, issue a new card. Changing the name on a social security card can help to ensure that work earnings are properly reported and tax returns are paid in a timely manner. With an updated social security card, it will be easier to change your name on other important documents.

The social security website has an interactive page with more detailed information on what you need to get a new card. The social security administration (ssa) simply requires specific documents dependent on the nature of why you require the social security card name change. Be sure to input mother's maiden name.

The ssa will use these items to prove that you qualify to receive a card. To change the information on your social security number record (i.e., a name or citizenship change, or corrected date of birth) you must provide documents to prove your identity, support the requested change, and establish the. Parent's ssns are not required to obtain a replacement social security card.

In cases of marriage, divorce, or other circumstances involving a legal name change, a person will need to make a social security card name change.

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