A Commitment to Responsible Gaming

We as always are focused on our task of promoting responsible gaming behaviour which is safe and does not impact negatively on our clients, players and their families.

We aim to prevent problem gambling. For this, we have taken a lot of measures. Problem gambling is nothing to be ashamed of if the individual seeks to remedy it. We are a part of the global lottery industry, and it is up to us to guarantee that here In California, proper procedures and protocols get followed to avoid problem gambling.

Any inflicted with this are welcome to seek free and private treatment without worrying about their privacy at the Department of Problem Gambling in Public Health Office, California.

Anything contributing the betterment of our players and society deserves to undertake with zeal and proper care. As such, we allotted significant resources to help achieve this ideal. The ideal is:

  • Understanding and supporting the problems of gambling if not done in a safe environment
  • Not undermining the level to which problem gambling can grow into if not correctly aware
  • Encouraging budget-friendly and safe playing

If you need tips and messages related to problem gambling, they can find on products which we sale and our communication channels. We are also proud to win an award from the World Lottery Association. It is proof of our hard work in this area of lottery games. To further achieve this, we moderately give funding to California’s Problem Gambling Helpline in addition to maintaining our hotline.

Code of Conduct Regarding Responsible Gaming:

We have taken an oath to undertake this task to the best of our ability. All staff members are held responsible for introducing measures which can help our consumers in identifying risks of unhealthy gambling habits. This one does not necessarily mean that they have to be verbose to get their point across. Instead, the ideas are a part of products and gaming rules if it means that the audience will grasp the gravity of this. They also give ideas on how to allocate resources to make California Gambling hotline more effective.

Play Practices Implementation:

  1. Cautions and memos will be delivered to help players become aware of the dangers of problem gambling so that they can avoid this and play carefully.
  2. All information regarding problem gambling which can be useful to prevent it, treat it and generally serve as a reminder will get displayed on all social media platforms and websites.
  3. All products will display some cautionary messages as well as helping people contact helplines, for example, the toll-free Helpline for Problem Gambling.

All these measures are there because problem gambling does not put a strain on our lottery house and the player but starts a key chain of events which can dub a series of unfortunate events. The family, job, budget and reputation of the affected are damaged. In severe cases, he or she may also suffer from strained relationships.

Training Employees:

We cannot find treatment if we do not understand what we are trying to fix or if we even equip to solve that problem. Similarly, we have taken an initiative to train our employees so they can better understand what problem gambling is, its underlying causes, how to treat it so that they can propagate our efforts for responsible gaming.

Training Lottery Retailers:

Specialized training of lottery retailers also undertakes so that they are well equipped to deal with increasing awareness. This retailing training does not stop here. Instead of needing consistent efforts for this cause, the Lottery shall give memos, signage to display at the point of sale, brochures etc. and also keep them aware of their role to optimize their efforts.

Efforts to Prevent Illegal Play:

Even with all the awareness raised to prevent illegal play, sometimes it is necessary to take other more solid steps with repercussions as well to solidify the fact that no criminal actions will get tolerated. To help this task, SLED will offer its services to prevent people younger than 18 from buying lottery products. On a practical level, the websites and social media platforms require verification from its users, whether they are 18 years and above or not.

Consumer Protection and Education:

Prize information, estimated odds, game information and power plays will be publically available on our websites. This information will get shared with the hope that players do need to use unfair and dubious means to learn. The information presented will be appropriate and authentic so that people can learn safely. Submissions for second chance games will be limited to set an equal playing field which provides everyone with the opportunity to win in the spirit of game integrity.

Developing the Game:

All-new game designs will be made with responsible gaming rules in consideration so that no new game can violate these rules and promote illegal gameplays.

Safe Advertisements:

Advertising is done in a safe, socially acceptable and rule adhering way is often more effective in ensuring that its products are legal and safe to use. It should be done professionally and make it clear that no lottery product is for sale to minors, and products are not there to sell only.  When creating advertisements, the Lottery will follow all guidelines given by NASPL. The products will include appropriate content promoting responsible gaming.

Engaging the Stakeholders:

It is prudent to conform to the California Office of Problem Gambling and other offices and stakeholders so that we can all work together to promote safe gambling.