Powerball Winning Numbers: Powerball drawings mostly take place on every Wednesday and Saturday, and jackpot amount fluctuates as it depends on interest rates and purchase of tickets. All prices are cash amounts except for the grand prize. Grand prize may be acquired in 30 annual payments.

Powerball numbers if match with numbers chosen by players can win a prize, but if you are aiming for the grand prize, all numbers adopted by players must match numbers in the draw and the Powerball number.

Powerball Winning Numbers:

Players have to choose four white balls and one red ball from two different machines. The first set is the numbers players want for the draw: white balls. The numbers get selected from the pool of 69 numbers. The second number chosen is the Powerball number—this chosen number from one to twenty-six.

If more than one player matches the same set of numbers, they share the prize. These number combos offer players the chance to win prizes if they match those drawn.

Powerball Jackpot Winning Numbers:

Doesn’t everyone wish for a reprieve from time to time? Well, some us get their wish in the form jackpots like the one’s offered here in the form of a lucky combination called Powerball jackpot winning numbers.

Powerball winning numbers tonight

Now, what is the Powerball jackpot? In simple words, it is the grand prize and a dream for many of us. On a more serious note, it is the lump sum amount paid to the players. The annuity funds it. The total amount of prize also varies due to sales, interest etc. the Powerball jackpot winning number on Jun 20 were:

10, 31 , 41, 63 , 67 and 5

The Powerball winning numbers for Tuesday live draw on Jun 23, 2020, were as follow:

2, 7, 16, 36, 47. Powerball: 18.


Whereas, the Powerball plus winning numbers were following;

10, 13, 24, 32, 35. PowerBall: 20.

The Powerball jackpot for June 2 drawings was calculated at $63 million  and the plus option for Powerball plus stood at $131 million. The winner can collect the money in cash entirely or in an annuity. Unfortunately, no one had the Powerball jackpot winning numbers although players won other prizes.

Powerball Numbers last night:

Last drawings for Powerball took place on Jun 20, 2020, and the set of white numbers is 10, 31,41,63,67, and the Powerball number was 5 final drawing for Powerball. The powerplay was 3X. The winning amount for matching all balls was whopping $2 million. The next draw will take place on Jun 25 with an estimated jackpot of $33 million in an annuity. Whereas, the cash amount will be 25.9 million dollars

Nc Powerball winning numbers

In North Carolina, the last drawing the next draw will take place on Jun 24, 2020, with an estimated jackpot of $33 million. The previous drawing which took place on Jun 20, 2020 and the amount of grand prize was $25 million. The winning numbers of  North Carolina drawn were 10,31,41,63,67, and Powerball number was 5. The next grand prize of $33 million is the highest in June.

The hot numbers for the next drawing are 10,12,33,41 and 68. Whereas, the five cold numbers are 5,6,9,11,14

Iowa Powerball winning numbers

The main rules for Iowa power ball are the same as that of many other states. The age restriction in Iowa is 21 years.  The last draws in Iowa took place on Saturday 20th 2020 with the winning prize of $25.6 million. The statistics below show the Iowa Powerball results

powerball winning numbers

In terms of the powerplay option, the total number of the player who claimed power play option prize was 1853. whereas if one sees the trend in the last five drawings the average stands at 1417 powerplay winners per draw. This trend shows that the latest figures recorded an increase pf 30.77% higher than that of average.

Past Winning Powerball Number

The picture above presents the most current numbers for winning a Powerball number. Furthermore, it also contains the most common pairs in the history of Powerball game.

Powerball.net provides a complete analysis of statistics that have collected data from all recent drawings to show that which set of numbers appear for the most period. The statistics are based on past 360 drawings since 2015. In 2015 the main ball pool got increased from 59 to 69, and the Powerball pool got decreased from 35 to 26. The standard numbers came out to be 64,32,23, 28 and 69. However, the least frequent numbers came out to be 14, 2,23,4 and 5.  The chart below reprints the trend in the history of jackpot.

Florida Lottery Powerball Past Winning Numbers

powerball winning numbers

The table above presents the Powerball winning number s in the Florida lottery. In Florida, the jackpot lottery prize gets shared among winners. Whereas, all other awards are handed in the form of set payouts.


Winning an award in Texas is more than just a matter of luck. It requires a thorough analysis of all variables and past winning numbers. Below are the frequencies of appearances of figures in the last few drawings.

In Texas, the recent winner won a jackpot of $22 million on Jun 17, 2020, and the winning numbers were 7,10,63,64 and 68  with a powerplay option of 3X. Whereas on Jun 13, 2020, the jackpot prize in Texas set at $20 million and the winning numbers were 2,12,32,50,65 with a powerplay option of 3X. Similarly, the amount for Jun 10 drawing set at $22 million and the winning numbers were 10,33,41,54 and 54. Before this, the drawing took place on Jun 06 with a worth of $20 million and the winning numbers were 1,17,38,68,69 and 18.

The frequency chart for the last 30 drawings shows that number 39, 40 and 41 appeared for the most number of times; 5 times. Whereas, number 48,50,63,68,8,10 and 12 appeared for four times. Additionally, numbers like 69 67,64 and 65 appeared for three times the numbers that did not appear at all were 19, 24,25 and 28.

Tennessee Numbers

Despite the outbreak of a pandemic, the Powerball draws in Tennessee are going as scheduled. On Jun 24 the next drawing for Powerball will take place in Tennessee with an estimated amount of $33 million. The winning numbers for the last drawing were 10,31,41,63,67 and 5. the jackpot amount was $25 million.

powerball numbers

Kentucky Numbers

Recently owing to pandemic starting grand prize amount for megamillion and Powerball has been removed. Now the grand prize amount will be uploaded before every draw because of fluctuating circumstances.  Prizes up to $5000 can be claimed at different lottery stores at Kentucky. The following trend shows the Powerball winning numbers in Kentucky.

In last 30 drawings in Kentucky, the numbers 39,40,41,42 have appeared for 5 times. Whereas the numbers 68,52,48,49 have appeared for 4 times. The numbers 58,5964,65,67 and 69 have looked for as many as three times. On the other hand, the least frequent numbers in past 30 drawings, with 0 appearances are 6,1424,25, and 28. these trends suggest that what numbers one must opt for hile going for playing a game.