Powerball is a fun and exciting game that has all its players glued to their seats due to the excitement and also a lucky chance of being filthy precious right at home just by drawing out a set of matching numbers that may as well to put it simply change the fate of the winner. It is a top-rating game that is playing in more than forty states of US, for example, Florida, California, Washington DC and also Puerto Rico, to name a few. It is playing in the same set of rules that almost all states follow and is run by the government no less. Florida has the honour of hosting it as it is a significant contributor to the game and also the Powerball drawing base.

The Powerball game is all about luck and also statistics. The player has to choose a total of five numbered balls coloured white out of the available eighty-six and also a crucial single shot that is red coloured and called Power ball counted up till twenty-six. This choice gives the player a set of numbers that have to be matched with the drawing numbers, and then the fate of the players will be decided.

A cost of two dollars for each Powerball play is the same for all states. The player can also select the power play option that would cause an extra dollar, but that would help the player in getting a chance to win prizes not included in the jackpot.

powerball drawing

Powerball Drawing Live

Another feature they have is the multi-draw option that would allow the player to use the same numbers he has selected from the white balls and also Powerball in other draws for a chosen number of times. The times chosen mostly is eight.

After the money is also paying and the ticket is bought with player specifications the sales are final. The lottery ticket would have all the specified information such as the numbers selected, the Powerball number, date, day and time of the draw with a barcode that the player must not damage at all costs because if it gets wrecked. The scanner is unable to read it, and if by chance the player has won something in the Powerball, then it would be difficult to draw out the prize money.

Matching total six by six set of numbers is as odd and also tough as picking needles out of haystacks. If there are multiple winners then, unfortunately, they would have to share the money but do not fret we are talking about millions here!

powerball drawing

Matching five out of six would make the winner a millionaire and also a four out of six, including the Powerball would help make the winner fifty thousand dollars extra.

The key is to get as many matching numbers as possible.

Powerball drawing time is almost the same in all states. It is sharp at eleven pm and also nearly every Saturday and Wednesday. During the Powerball drawing time, the players are testing their fate and also watch the drawing with an unstable heartbeat, so this game is not for the weak-hearted.


The Powerball drawing time of estimated jackpot of one hundred and six million dollars that has a cash value of about eight six million dollars will be held on Wednesday the twenty-second of July of this year. The countdown has already started, and also the clock is ticking as we speak.


The states play Powerball in the same way even the numbers are drawn are the same. America is a proud country with forty-five of its states playing the Powerball that is one giant lottery. If the numbers of the draw are the same in every state, then even the days are the same not to mention the time.

The players can watch the live drawing at upcoming Wednesday or Saturday sharp at eleven pm.powerball drawing


People watching and also keeping track of this game all ask the same question that when the next Powerball drawing is. No matter where you are, you are accessible to the lottery know how a click away. All you need is a secure internet connection.

The next Powerball drawing would be on Wednesday the twenty-second of July.

The chances of winning the jackpot are as one in two hundred ninety-two million two hundred one thousand three hundred thirty-eight! So the thought arises that if the odds are this low, then does anyone win this lottery?

Did anyone win the Powerball drawing? The answer is yes.

On January twenty-ninth of this year, a Sheryll Goedert from Ocala won and also claimed three hundred ninety-six million jackpot from Powerball Florida.

In the year 2016, date thirteenth of January, a whopping one point five eighty six billion dollars the US were won in Powerball.

A Mavis L. Wanczyk won seven hundred fifty-eight million and also seven hundred thousand dollars the US in August of the year 2017. Talk about luck!

The Drawings of Powerball Winning Numbers

Powerball drawing life can be tracked almost all the time. All the player needs is the internet nowadays. The player can go on their states’ website for the lottery and can watch the live feed, or they can watch it on live TV stations affiliated with CBS, ABC, NBC, Telemundo and also CW Network etc. to name a few.

Live Powerball drawings can also be watched on YouTube.

The player can also decide if they win then how they would be paid their money, for example, the players have the option of getting cash, or they can choose to get paid over thirty years call annuity, but the tax does take a significant bite out of it.

Florida results and payouts

The chances of matching six are meagre, and even the odds of matching five for a prize of five thousand dollars the US are as low as eighty-one thousand four hundred nine point five zero. The odds of matching four are one on one thousand four hundred fifteen point eight two, and the odds of matching three for the estimated prize of five dollars are one in seventy point seven nine.

The latest Florida Powerball drawing was held on eighteenth July of this year that had winning numbers as following:

  • Thirteen
  • Sixteen
  • Thirty-two
  • Fifty-eight
  • Fifty-nine
  • Powerball had the number nine.
  • The power play was of two times.

The winner was given an estimated prize value of ninety-seven million dollars in the US.

On Wednesday the fifteenth of July of this year had the Powerball drawing of numbers as follows:

  • Twenty-seven
  • Forty-seven
  • Sixty-one
  • Sixty-two
  • Sixty-nine
  • Powerball had number four.
  • The power play was frequently.

The jackpot money had a total estimate of eighty-seven million dollars to be given to the winner.

The numbers of Florida Powerball drawing on Saturday eleventh July of this year had numbers as following:

  • Fourteen
  • Nineteen
  • Sixty-one
  • Sixty-two
  • Sixty-four
  • Powerball had the number four on it.
  • The power play was of two times.

The estimated jackpot was of seventy-nine million dollars in the US.

The Powerball drawings held on Wednesday eighth of July of this year had the winning numbers as following:

  • Three
  • Ten
  • Thirty-four
  • Thirty-six
  • Sixty-two
  • Powerball had the number five on it.
  • The power play was ten times.

The jackpot money estimated was sixty-nined million dollars in the US.

The Powerball drawing held on Saturday Fourth of July of the current year had the winning numbers as following:

  • Sixteen
  • Twenty on
  • Twenty-seven
  • Sixty
  • Sixty-one
  • Powerball had the number six on it.
  • The power play was two times.

Money estimated to be given to the winner of Florida Powerball was only sixty million dollars.

The Florida Powerball game held at first of July day Wednesday of the current year had the drawing winning numbers like the following:

  • Fifteen
  • Twenty-eight
  • Fifty-two
  • Fifty-three
  • Sixty-three
  • Powerball had the number eighteen on it.
  • The power play was of four times.

The prize money was estimated to be a whopping fifty-one million dollars in the US only. It was to be divided and also given to the winners if there were more than one as written in the rules and followed by all the forty-five states of America.

The last Powerball game held in June of this year date twenty seventh June day Saturday had the Powerball drawing winning numbers of the following:

  • Nine
  • Thirty-six
  • Forty-nine
  • Fifty-six
  • Sixty-two
  • Powerball had the number eight on it.
  • The power play was two times.

The prize estimated was only forty-two million dollars in the US.

On twenty fourth of June of the year 2020 day Wednesday, the Powerball game of Florida had the following winning numbers when the Powerball drawing was made at eleven pm sharp:

  • Fifteen
  • Twenty-two
  • Twenty-seven
  • Thirty-three
  • Forty-six
  • Powerball had the number twenty-three on it.
  • The power play was of three times.

The money expected to win was a total of thirty-three million dollars US only.