Impacts Of Coronavirus Across Board

Coronavirus, also known as covid 19,  has its origin ion china. But now it has spread in more than 185 countries. The pandemic most severely hits the united states as the number of cases has surpassed the unbeatable figure of 1.1 million. The present conditions jolt almost every sector of the united states economy, so as the lottery-like Powerball. The number of people who used to buy Powerball tickets has decreased drastically over the past month. This drastic decrease is due to the spread of covid-19.


Covid-19 outbreak and Powerball

 For the very first time in history, the prize for the grand prize has been increased from $40 million to $20 million, almost half—the original award. Two of the main determining factors in the grand prize are the interest rates and the sales of tickets. The central government slashes interest rates due to the coronavirus outbreak. The economic havoc wreaked by the global pandemic has brought the interest rates in the united states to zero. Whereas, on the other hand, the sales of the ticket has dropped drastically in last month. People are skeptical about the future of the Powerball lottery as the slashing of the grand prize is a harbinger for more significant turmoil. Before the outbreak of the virus, there was a momentous increase registered in the pize for mega-million and Powerball; 45 million and $19 million, respectively.


Powerball Game Changes  In Perspective Of Corona Virus Outbreak

MUSL has introduced new Powerball rules in the mid of April 2020, considering the changing dynamics of the global economy and reduction in the sales of tickets. Gregg Mineo, on April 8, 2020, opined that the changes were a necessity to keep participants of lower-tier groups invested in the game. Therefore, the Powerball drawing was $190 million .the base price for a ticket was the same; $2. Mineo has further explained that the main reason for the change in consumer behavior is due to suggestions and recommendations by governors.


Changes And May 2, 2020, Draw

These changes were quite apparent in the latest draw of Powerball held on May 2, 2020. The jackpot estimated at $51  million, and the cash option was placed at a $ 41.9 million cash option. The number of retailers operational was also deficient. Therefore, tickets were purchased mostly online via the PA lottery. Twenty dollars a free bonus deposit was provided by just signing up.

Powerball winning numbers may 02,2020

 The time for withdrawing was the same even after the outbreak of pandemic; 11 p.m.Sunday may 2 was the latest drawing, and the multiplier was as high as five times. Moreover, the winning numbers were 68-58-33-16 and 13. whereas, the Powerball number 24

  Before this draw, the last one took place on Wednesday, April 29. The winning numbers were 2-60-20-49. Whereas the figure for Powerball was 20. However, the powerplay option stood at the multiple of 2. only one player matched all five white balls to get 1 million dollars . however, six players had four out of five white balls matching. Thus the winning prize for them stood at $100,000.


Refund and Powerball updates

The recent changes made in the Powerball game structure will remain in effect for the foreseeable future. Analysts suggest that until the virus will be tamed and the economy is pulled back on track, it seems that the new changes will remain in effect. Nevertheless, the state of  California is offering a refund for those who have opted for advanced plays. But there are several conditions imposed by them. It only applies on tickets purchased before or on April 25 25, 2020. Furthermore, it requires filling of advance play form to avail refund. California lottery has advised players to keep on visiting Powerball app and website to stay updated


 Visibly, the sales for Powerball have plummeted due to the corona pandemic. Resultantly this forced the closure of many lottery retailers. This decrease in the sales of the lottery effects all beneficiaries of Powerball. For an instant, solely in North Carolina, approximately $700

million a year gets generated by lottery games, including Powerball. therefore health and education sectors will be on the forefront in terms of low-sales of tickets.