To make sure that all our dealings follow guidelines and remain transparent and legal, we have a commission of four members.

Our Purpose is to Serve California State:

Their job is to help us make our dealings secure, fair and transparent and to help us maintain our integrity. You can say that this is the aim of The Lottery Commission.

The four members got selected through a meticulous process. They are law-abiding, responsible citizens. They appointed by the Governor with the approval of the Senate. They fulfilled the specifications on whose basis they were selected. These specifications are:

At least one member from law enforcement agencies, one member must be an accountant with a certified degree, and at a minimum, no three members should be of the same political party.

The commission approves of the Lottery’s aim to fund educational institutes and is responsible for supporting all business plans and incentives that can help us succeed in our task.

Anyone who needs the commission can contact them through customer service in weekdays during office hours.

    Esteemed Members of the Lottery Commission:

    Members of the commission and their brief introductions helped the public to assure that the lottery commission is in capable hands.

    Gregory Ahren:

    Mr Ahren was the deputy sheriff of Alameda County for thirty-six years since being sworn in, in 1980. He fulfils the requirement of at least one person as part of a law enforcement agency. He was a deputy sheriff but was promoted in 2007 to become the sheriff.


    Mr Kirtman is the dynamic person who can perform two different jobs with efficiency. He has worked as a business consultant and public representative to varying stations including NBC (VP of publicity, senior manager for new media), Warner Bros (marketing representative, public representative) and General Electric (led team of marketing communication).

    Peter Stern:

    He has what we call business acumens. This ability of him makes him a great business consultant who knows how to deal. He has more than a decade of experience in his filed. Furthermore, He served as VP at Inception Corporation’s department of Corporate Development. His career started from Oracle’s project of starting ISV. From there he moved to be a chief revenue officer at three different organizations including OpSource, Autopilot and Skedulo. At Salesforce he was VP of a department while building a new department specifically for the sales division. He was also appointed as a member of San Francisco’s   International Airport Community three times.

    Keetha Mills:

    She is a powerhouse in her own right. She is the President as well as Chief Executive of a foundation for community colleges. Her role is pivotal in the commission because ultimately whatever the Lottery earns, most of it goes to educational institutes. She, like her fellow commission members, have worked in different places at different designations including accounting, executive leadership, operations and finance. She has worked with several Planned Parenthood of different areas as their chief executive, chief operator and chief finance officer. She got education from community college, Lee College Baytown and the University of Houston for an associate of arts in business administration and BSc in accounting.

    Open Meetings For You:

    The commission has several meetings which are open to the public and held at least quarterly. The meeting agendas are posted here ten days before a meeting. If you want to submit written material for meeting agenda you need to contact the commission’s assistant Elisa Topete. You can contact her at (916) 822-8110 or TDD 1-855-591-5776. If you want to talk to the commission directly, please let Elisa know by four pm either a day before the meeting or when the meeting starts.

    Next Lottery Commission Meeting: May 28, 2020

    The next commission meeting will take place at Sacramento headquarters on the twenty-eighth of May, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. Be sure to come to the office located on 700 North 10th street-it’s the HQ.

    Agenda of this Meeting:

    Agenda for this meeting will get posted during the middle of May. As discussed before, if you want to submit written material or need to meet the commission, please contact Elisa the previous day at 4:00 p.m. or on the day of the meeting. Way to contact her is the same either call at (916) 822-8110 or TDD 1-855- 591-5776. You can also contact her if you want to arrange some sort of unique accommodation in your stay.

    March 30, 2020 Special Meeting

    This particular meeting on the thirtieth of March 2020 at the same venue;   HQ at 700 North 10th street, Sacramento on eleven a.m. This meeting took play was held in a way that was suitable at the time of the pandemic COVID-19. Social distancing is important to slow the spread of this virus. Therefore; participants were able to be a part of this meeting through a call or using the meeting ID to be a part of a conference call. The meeting ID was: 393 411 798#.

    The meeting was held this way as per the order of n Public Health Department, California executive orders:  N-25-20, N-29-20. After the meeting started the first order of business was to give a call order then roll call after those findings of special meetings were discussed. As the session reached the stage, we discussed the action’s Item, which was there to make a change in the regulations of the Lottery. These changes were:

    Game changes in Powerball and Mega Millions:

    • Reducing amount in starting jackpots
    • No large increments between draws in Powerball
    • Similarly, there was a reduction in starting draws of mega millions with tiny increments in the draws.
    • Correction of section-numbering via technical assistance.

    These four points g decided based on a detailed presentation by the staff, ain depth discussion on the merits of each amendment between the commissioners, public opinion and finally by voting among the commission members. These are the processes which are a part of action items.

    The public discussion also had some rules. Limited time got allotted to  presenters;  there was a restriction on several people. The Chair placed these rules.

     Debating on the pros and cons of these amendments, especially in light of recent events and how this Corona Virus was going to impact the economy, the commission came to a decision. After the verdict got announced, the meeting adjourned.

    March 19, 2020 Meeting (Canceled COVID-19)

    This meeting got  scheduled at the same location. Lottery Commission meetings always take place at Seven Hundred North Tenth Street, Sacramento. Time was 10:00 a.m.

    Notice: Meeting Cancelled

    “The meeting on the nineteenth of March 202 was cancelled as a result of safety measures taken against COVID-19. All staff members, lottery retailers, and citizens were requested to stay at home for the protection of their health. We must stay indoors as prevention is better than cure.”

    Schedule of the meeting was a call for order, an oath for allegiance and roll call at 10:00 a.m. At 10:30 a.m. lottery commission was to start the session for consideration of approval regarding the plan. On 10:35 a.m. commission meeting was to approve for the minutes of the meeting held on the sixteenth of January, 2020. On 10:40 a.m., the director must give his report and comments. 10:50 a.m. discussion on informational items took place. It included fleet logos. Fleet logos were a report which was a  request made by  International Union Local 1000 of Service Employee.

    They had requesting that State logo of the Lottery removed from the fleet. On 11:00 a.m., all items present on the consent calendar were voted on without any presentation unless the committee members felt that there was a requirement of discussion related to a particular point. Also on 11:00 a.m. action items were scheduled. These items were a staff presentation on the day’s schedule, commission discussions, voting and public input. The list of this meeting was:

    • Investment Policy and Strategy: Lottery must present its yearly investment policy and what they had planned for it.
    • Position of Associate Management Auditor: Internal audits requested to add this position for help in managing workload. The job specifications of this position were to conduct all external audit association actions.
    • Extending the Services Contract for the Asian Market:The Lottery requested for the grant of approval. It wanted to extend the contract for 1 more year.  Asian Market was made accessible because Time Advertising had the resources available needed to develop Marketing and advertising modules, with the advertisements focused on creating content that would communicate with Asian players residing in California. The company planned to do it via language considering it to be the most accessible model which could link the Lottery to the Asians.

    Again on 11:40 a.m., the commission was to take part in general discussion to debate whether to move through with these requests or halt them. On 11:45 a.m., the schedule for the next meetings discussed. As per this meeting, the scheduled meetings were on the twenty-eighth of May, 2020 and the twenty-fifth of June 202. Both got scheduled in Sacramento. On 11:47 a.m. public discussion was to be opened. The Chair could place restrictions like time given to speak to each participant and the number of participants speaking on the same topic. On midnight meeting was supposed to adjourn after concluding all discussions and debates.