Powerball is a game playing in many states of the US and Florida being one of them. Like other games of the lottery, commission Powerball is just as famous in Florida as in California. Powerball Florida is generally playing in the same way as in other states. The Florida Powerball is run by the government and acts as a host of these draws also. The winners will share the jackpot prize if there is more than one person who wins the jackpot.

Since the Florida lottery joined Powerball, it became the base of Powerball drawing. Powerball winning numbers is so much about luck that winning a Florida lottery on chance is as low as one in two hundred ninety-two million two hundred one thousand three hundred thirty-eight! It is also equips with the Power play option.

Florida Powerball


The players will choose five white balls with numbers printing on them from the given sixty-nine and also can then add a red-colored sixth ball called the “Powerball,” ranging in numbers from one to twenty-six. The game is such that a combination of six numbers is selecting at random twice a week, and also the participants have to match their numbers with the random ones to win prizes.

Powerball winning numbers are just about luck! Match a total of five numbers get a million or match four white balls, and a Powerball then win a prize of fifty thousand dollars the US. It consists of only four white balls will get one hundred dollars the US only, which is the same price as getting a combo of three white balls and also one Powerball.

In this game, the player will get only four dollars in the US for a matching Powerball, but if he or she has two matching white ball numbers, the prize will increase and also become seven dollars US.

The more matching numbers the players get, the higher their prize becomes though the jackpot prize would have to be shared if there are multiple winners.

florida powerball


People enjoy this game very much, so there are a lot of winners as of today. Some of the Florida lottery past winning numbers are: The winning Powerball numbers for eighteenth of July this year were:

  • Thirteen
  • Sixteen
  • Thirty-two
  • Fifty-eight
  • Fifty-nine
  • Powerball: Nine

The Powerball numbers Florida had a power play of two times. The Florida lottery past winning numbers for the fifteenth of July this year were:

  • Twenty-seven
  • Forty-seven
  • Sixty-one
  • Sixty-two
  • Sixty-nine
  • Powerball: Four

The power play was ten times.

The jackpot was estimated to be eighty-seven million dollars in the US. The winning numbers Florida for eleventh of July this year were:

  • Fourteen
  • Nineteen
  • Sixty-one
  • Sixty-two
  • Sixty-four
  • Powerball: Four

The power play was two times. The winning numbers Florida estimated jackpot to be seventy-nine million dollars in the US.


The Florida drawings are making every Wednesday and also Saturday at eleven pm sharp that follows the Eastern Time.

The next drawing is scheduled for 22nd July of this year, and the day is Wednesday with a jackpot estimated to be eighty-sixed million dollars US. The countdown has already begun.


The players can further test their luck in Florida lotto game with cash prizes in millions. The Florida Lotto Powerball has extra features such as the XTRA multiplier made solely for the prizes not include in the jackpot. The Florida lotto also includes a free ticket that comes only with the XTRA multipliers select by the player.

The prizes in this game are selecting based on levels, and also the amount of money is given to the level accordingly. Florida Lottery Powerball past winning numbers that get a match of six by six to get ten million dollars the US and also was a winner in the past with such a record.

Lotto prize amount of one thousand nine hundred forty dollars and also fifty cents the US is for a match of five out of six-level with thirty-eight winners in the past. Forty dollars US for a four out of six matches and also a measly five dollars US prize for three out of six matches with over twenty-five thousand winners of this level are present.

The numbers for florida lottery are:

  • Four
  • Five
  • Twelve
  • Sixteen
  • Twenty
  • Twenty-three

The power play was of two times. The winner was from Miami. The next scheduled jackpot of Florida Lotto is on the twenty-second of this month with one million dollars in the US. Florida Powerball winners of the last two draws have still not claimed their prize money, but Sheryl Geodert won on the 29th of January.