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Estimated Cash Value $151,200,000

Next Draw: TUE/APR 28, 2020

Next Draw: FRI/APR 24, 2020

* Estimated Jackpot

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Please keep in mind that any information about fantasy 5 uploaded on this page is after there has been a draw. The prize is given only after certifying it.

Detailed Draw Results

Matching Numbers Winning Tickets Prize Amounts
Matched 5 of 5 numbers 1 $142,297
Matched 4 of 5 numbers 102 $516
Matched 3 of 5 numbers 3,888 $16
Matched 2 of 5 numbers 46,132 Free play
Total Winning Tickets 50,123

Mistakes can occur quickly, however, we try our best to make sure that the information uploaded on this page is accurate.

To verify it on your view draw date after refreshing the website as well as corresponding winning numbers. If there are any anomalies in the information regulations imposed by state laws and lottery, still uphold. For complete information regarding how to claim a prize etc. visit retailers who sell lottery products.

Past Winning Numbers

Last Updated Apr 27, 2020 10:16:37 p.m.

Detailed Draw Results for California

Matching Numbers Winning Tickets Prize Amounts
5 + Powerball 0 $37,000,000
5 0 $126,633
4 + Powerball 1 $64,151
4 18 $466
3 + Powerball 48 $181
3 1,457 $6
2 + Powerball 1,124 $8
1 + Powerball 8,305 $5
Powerball 19,331 $4
Total Winning Tickets 30,284

How to Play Fantasy 5

You can learn how to play any game if you have instructions. Learning how to play Powerball has never been this easy before:

Number 1:

Buy a lottery play slip from lottery retailers. Now select five numbers between one and sixty-nine. Now also select a power number. You have to choose a power number between one and twenty-six. If you don’t want to select the numbers, you can get them generated randomly by Quick pick or a number generator. If you don’t want to change names, you can use advanced play to play with the same numbers you have selected. You can play at most ten draws if you choose the advance play option.

Number 2:

For each Powerball ticket, you represent, give two dollars. The card you use to play is also your receipt, so you cannot demand a refund or cancel it.

Number 3:

Keep in mind that there are only two draws each week (Wednesday and Saturdays) for Powerball. They take place after draw entry closes at 7:00 p.m.  Draws begin at 7:59 p.m.

Number 4:

Powerball has a combination of nine digits. The more your number matches with the winning combination, the probability for you to win increases.

Number 5:

To check if your ticket number matches the winning number, you can consult the website for numbers and amount. For that we can use our mobile app, scan tickets by a feature on the app which scans tickets, visit local lottery product retailer to use the check-a-ticket machine.

Game Odds

You can win a prize if your five numbers match the draw numbers and number of Powerball.

Match Odds 1 in
All 5 of 5 and Powerball 292,201,338
All 5 of 5 11,688,054
Any 4 of 5 and Powerball 913,130
Any 4 of 5 36,526
Any 3 of 5 and Powerball 14,495
Any 3 of 5 580
Any 2 of 5 and Powerball 702
Any 1 of 5 and Powerball 92
None of 5, only Powerball 39
Overall odds of winning 24.87

Q: Amount of jackpot?

Ans: The minimum jackpot increase, and there is the elimination of the amounts. This decision was because of the impact of COVID-19 on the economy. Now the prizes and jackpot will be determined based on sales made.

Q: When are the draws?

Ans: Draws happen twice a week. On Saturday and Wednesday after 7:59 p.m. Tickets sold the same day after 7:05 are eligible for next draw. Tickets and sales are also not validated during this time.

Q: Can a player use Advance play in Powerball?

Ans: Yes, there is this option. You can play from 2-8 and 10 draws with the same ticket. These draws are on play slips and terminals.

Q: Is there an age-specific grouping and multiple ownership?

Ans: Up to a hundred people can have multiple ownership of Powerball.

Q: How to check draw results?

Ans: To check if your ticket number matches the winning number, you can consult the website for numbers and amount. Another option is to use our mobile app, scan tickets by a feature on the app, which scans tickets, visit local lottery product retailers to use the check-a-ticket machine.

Q: How is the jackpot paid?

Ans: You have two options if you win. You can either take it in cash within sixty days of the authorization of the draw or choose the installment plan. There are thirty installments in a year.

Q: How to take your prize?

Ans: You have three options. Either go to a lottery retail center for five hundred ninety-nine dollars prize claim, through post, or bring your signed ticket to the district office with a filled-in claim form. You can either download the form or take it from the district office.

Q: In how much time can we make our prize?

Ans: For the jackpot, you have one year and for other prizes one hundred eighty days.

Q: Where is the money spent on this go?

Ans: It is donated to further the education system in California. Funds are for public schools and colleges. 95% of every dollar is given back for the betterment of the community via contributions.

Q: Can a prize ticket be claimed in other states?

Ans: You can only claim a prize ticket in the state in which you bought it.