Extra Debit Card Review

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Extra Debit Card Review

The extra debit card is the best and first in helping their users build credit, and also offer various perks. With an extra debit card, it doesn’t cost much to main as you won’t have any reason to be bothered about hidden fees, steep interest, or even data mining, and they offer more rewards.

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The monthly fee is is higher than some secured credit cards but you don’t have to put a large deposit and you won’t be subject to interest.


Extra debit card review. No interest charges or surprises; Debit card that helps you build credit.extra debit card review. Extra is the first debit card that builds your credit history and earns reward points just like a credit card all with your existing bank account.

So, check out the extra debit card review! Extra isn’t a separate checking account.instead, it connects to your existing bank account. 💳 debit card that builds credit.

Then, the platform reports your payments to the major credit bureaus. Extra debit card review the extra debit card is designed for consumers who want the convenience of paying with plastic but don’t want (or don’t qualify) for a regular credit card. Toyota corolla / 72 months / $25,000.

🛎 24/7 customer service, email [email protected] Pros of having/using the extra debit card. So you can avoid interest payments, bounced checks, or overdraft fees.

I went ahead and changed my password, security questions, and ordered a new debit card. 👇 click to join below If you use your normal bank debit card often i would definitely recommend getting an extra debit card so it can report to your credit.

Or else the card is rendered unusable. Extra is the first debit card that builds credit & earns rewards just like a credit card. The 10 customer reviews praise extra for helping them build their credit with two praising the app for helping their score go up by 100 points over the course of two to three months.

Extra debit card is a method in which those who choose not to or are incapable of getting a credit card may build their credit score. Prepaid cards only allow you to spend money already in your account. I signed up for the extra debit card on july 4th, 2021 they gave the impression that the debit card could be used to build credit and earn rewards.

Extra card offers rewards, connects to your bank account, and allows you to build credit history. Extra’s customer testimonials glow in. Since extra only allows you to spend money you actually have in your bank account, there’s less risk for the company.

The extra debit card lets you build credit without hurdling most of the traditional obstacles. If you have no credit or have bad credit and are looking at credit cards to help you rebuild your credit, i strongly suggest that you consider and get the extra card. Good budgeting and a cap on purchases, cool rewards shop, and good cash back.

Extra is neither a secured bank card nor a checking account, nevertheless it shares traits of every. The extra debit card is offering cardholders an opportunity to build credit history & earn reward points, similarly to a credit card. The extra debit card isn’t accredited by the bbb.

Based on our evaluation and review, we have decided to give the extra card a 4.5 out of 5 star for it's low cost, ease of approval and it's debit card nature to prevent you from accumulating debt. Extra is the only debit card backed by a revolving line of credit, making it most similar to a credit card than the rest. The scammer most likely got my card information from a skimmer, and was able to find my address and phone number through whitepages.

Extra does not check your credit score! Reports adversely to credit reporting agencies, jacks with your credit, and has a monthly fee. Credit scores may seem scary at first but with extra, you are able to do so without too much worry or risk.

Also it takes a few weeks to get your physical card but they give you the virtual card with in 2 days. There’s no credit check to apply, you don’t need to put down a security deposit, and it’s much harder to hurt your credit by misusing the account. It is crucial that you begin building it as soon as possible.

As the name suggests, this company allows individuals to get ‘extra’ benefits from their existing debit card. What they did not say is that every user needs some form of id. But it earns 4.6 out of 5 stars on the apple app store.

🛍 earn rewards points everywhere. If you have an existing bank you like and having trouble building a credit history, the extra debit card can be a good option. The extra debit card is a pay as you go debit card that permits customers to spice up their credit score rating only for spending the cash of their checking account.

Build your credit (without debt) keep your bank account; Credit cards extra debit card full review. Not a credit builder by any means!

The extra debit card was specifically created for people who don’t qualify for a traditional credit card but still want to build their credit. The extra debit card is a debit card that allows you to build your credit by spending the money in your bank account. He was convincing and could have easily fooled me if i wasn't as diligent.

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