Calling Card Definition Slang

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Calling Card Definition Slang

A strong desire to spend your life doing a certain kind of work (such as religious work) : ‘a dog whose calling card is a savage nip at the nearest ankles’.

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A plastic card that allows a person to charge telephone calls to an account.


Calling card definition slang. The (international calling card) is the safest choice for high quality international calls at competitive rates; If you describe something as a calling card, you mean it proves that someone has been in a place. English language learners definition of calling card.

A calling card is a small card with personal information about you on it, such as your name and address, which you can give to people when you go to visit them. An action by which someone or something can be identified. The act of using a soiled tampon, yours or another's (eww), as a calling card.usually flinging it against an object making it stick to said object &q slang define:

Definition and synonyms of calling card from the online english dictionary from macmillan education. The work that a person does or should be doing Change your default dictionary to american english.

‘the sophisticated use of stolen identities is a calling card of all these conspiracies.’ ‘a woman helpfully explained that only six people at a time were allowed to enter the church, giving rise to the theory that the pockmarks were the calling cards of impatient tourists.’ (north american english) ( british english visiting card) (also card british english, north american english) (especially in the past) a small card with your name on it that you leave with. Pilgrims may devote their attention to performing hajj manasek without risking the loss of their mobile devices, additionally, the (international calling card) can be acquired immediately without the need for personal identification or documentations.

Here you have a guy whose calling card is consistency working for a guy whose calling card is inconsistency. The hand continues to leave behind its calling. (legal digest) the school's telecommunications department offers many services (callingcards, student long distance, cellular, pagers, etc.), and now it offers the specialists in one or more of those areas, who can help users.

A small card presented when making a formal visit to someone that has the name and sometimes the address of the visitor. Before the 18th century, visitors making social calls left handwritten notes at. Roget's 21st century thesaurus, third edition copyright © 2013 by the philip lief group.

A calling card is a small card with personal information about you on it, such as your name and address, which you can give to people when you go to visit them. [ mainly us ] cobuild advanced english dictionary. This is the british english definition of calling card.view american english definition of calling card.

The name is derived from the cards that people used to show they had been to visit someone's house when the resident was absent. Calling card definition, a small card with the name and often the address of a person or of a couple, for presenting when making a business or social call,. A card that allows the user to make calls from anywhere and charge it to his or her home phone….

Police response to anonymous emergency calls. A play on the sound that one emits during regurgitation. ‘the sophisticated use of stolen identities is a calling card of all these conspiracies.’.

An engraved card bearing one's full name. College slang term that refers to the act of vomiting; Calling card a calling card is a particular object sometimes left behind by a criminal at a scene of a crime, often as a way of taunting police or obliquely claiming responsibility.

A visiting card, also known as a calling card, is a small card used for social purposes. English language learners definition of calling :

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