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It is easy to be left behind in this world, but here we offer you a ca lotto second chance to win prizes. You only need an account to start the race anew. This account help you to win prizes, cash and lots more through bonuses and draws.

Either register for an account or submit your code if you already have an account.

How 2nd Chance Works

There are a few simple things our players need to understand so they can take full advantage of this scheme. You need to create an account for our lottery on our website. Once you have the account, please sign-in to enter your code. This code is your golden ticket for a second chance. This code is mentioned on scratchers of ca lotto second chance, dollar five fantasy five tickets. Please make sure to register so that your codes do not go to waste. If you have registered, you can also scan your code using our app.

SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance

The ticket you buy for this game serves as the number of tries that you have. For every dollar you spend, you get that many chances to win money in a draw. For instance, if you spend five dollars on a ticket, you have five entries in the draw. The probability for you to win the fifteen thousand dollar draw increases with how much you spend.

Scratchers 2nd Chance

Fantasy 5 – 2nd Chance

In fantasy five, every five-dollar ticket that you buy gives you one code to win the weekly draw of ten thousand dollars.

How Will The Codes Help You?

Your code is your identity for your draw. If you submit your code to win a second chance prize, you are automatically enlisted in all draws that apply to your code. But the best part of our entries is that apart from weekly draws your ca lotto second chance code is also entered into draws for promotional purposes. Also you can enter five hundred codes to increase your winning chances in a month.

SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance

All five winners will receive fifteen thousand dollars each every week.

Scratchers 2nd Chance

A grand prize of hundred thousand dollars is shared among thirty-two winners every week!

Fantasy 5 - 2nd Chance

Forty-two thousand dollars’ worth cash prize is distributed among fifteen winners every week.


  1. For super lotto plus and scratchers, every dollar you spend on your gameplay is the amount of second chance codes that you have. For fantasy five, every five-dollar ticket equals one chance in the draw. First order of business is to buy the tickets and get your code.
  2. Register yourself on our website for your account. If you already have the account in our lottery simply login. Once you have logged in you can enter your code, whether it is from fantasy five, scratcher or super lotto. For entering more than one code first submit code one then the other codes one by one. Do not submit all codes together. You can use our app to scan the codes.
  3. Keep tabs on when the draws take place. Second chance draws happen every Saturday at midnight. Any second chance code submitted after 11:59 on draw date is not eligible for that draw, those codes are entered in next week’s draw.
  4. Submit as many codes as you can. The more codes you submit higher is the chance for you to win. Try and submit five hundred draws a month to optimize your winning chances. All codes submitted are added to weekly draws and draws for promotion.
  5. Keep track of your codes and winnings through our app and website. View your submissions to see in which draws they have been entered? When they take place? How many draws are there?
  6. To check if you have won a second chance prize, you can use these two options:

Check results and winners of a draw or check your account after getting an email.

Like every other game, there are officially devised rules for this as well.

Officially Devised Rules:



Super Lotto:

Five winners only. Each winner will receive fifteen thousand dollars.


Two winners are twenty-five thousand dollars, five winners receive five thousand dollars, and twenty-five winners receive one thousand dollars.

Fantasy five:

Three winners receive fifteen thousand dollars, and twelve winners win one thousand dollars.

In these draws for each draw, you receive only one prize.

Enter the Draw:

As discussed before you need to have an account on our website. Either register for one or login to one you already have and submit your code for super lotto, scratchers or fantasy five. In case of more than one code submit one by one—those tickets which offer more than one draw count as only one submission. Deadlines and details of entries can change due to changes in policy.


There are two types of draws-weekly and promotional. As the name suggests, there is a weekly draws and other promotional ones as well. They take place according to the regulations imposed by the lottery. If somehow an entry is ineligible, the lottery is going to select five winners that are chosen in every draw. Each entry is counted as one direct submission only. Entries made in the given time are eligible only. These entries are eligible for at least one draw that week and draw for a specific program. A few scratchers, fantasy-five tickets or super lotto tickets also have additional information or eligibility for promotional draws. Such codes are added to these draws automatically. For scratcher cards second chance code is valid after 180 days after the game ends. For fantasy-five and super lotto second chance code cannot be used after 180 days have passed after buying date.


The draws take place in such a way that winners are selected at random. Each winner is notified of his wins through email. The winners are requested to log in there accounts at the lottery for further information regarding future instructions.

Eligibility and Participation:

A legal adult can participate. This thing means you should be eighteen or older and fulfil all criteria at the time of participation so that you also have a chance to win. Registration on our website is a must so is a California address. Full legal name must be provided when registering for participation in second chance games. Also, if you change your name legally, make sure to change your name on our website as well before the draw takes place. Legal name changes include through marriage etc. Also submit a filled and confirmed from for claim on your second chance winnings. This second chance is not eligible for people who are the family members of the lottery or share a living space with our agents and other workers which include vendors and lottery retailers.


The odds always vary from draw to draw because it depends on the number of entries and submissions of each player and number of players themselves.

Other Miscellaneous Terms:

All players need to conform to regulations and rules in place. These rules need not be of the lottery only but also those imposed by the State and the Federal.  All players need to provide proof of their identity, age and eligibility criteria. You also agree to let the lottery use your information for advertisement purposes. Information can include your name, photographs, area to which you belong without any compensation. All players need to pay their taxes if they win. If you participate in our second chance or accept any claim or reward, you do not hold any claim on the lottery and cannot hold it responsible for anything. This thing includes our employees, agents and commissioners. The lottery can end this program any time at its discretion. Changes to the program and its rules can happen in case of conflicts or other events. These new changes hold over all previous regulations.


Customer privacy is our primary concern. The lottery makes sure to hold all your information and protect it. All data collected and maintained for our use is secure. Read our privacy policy to reassure yourself.

And the Winner is…

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