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Estimated Cash Value $151,200,000

Next Draw: TUE/APR 28, 2020

Next Draw: FRI/APR 24, 2020

* Estimated Jackpot

Game Update

Powerball is a lottery game played in more than 45 states in the united states. It is set up by MULTI-
STATE LOTTERY ASSOCIATION (MUSL). The entity which administers this game is usually a governmental
entity or a corporation licensed by government.the first draw of Powerball took place in 1992, and
significant changes were made back in 2001 in the structure of the game. 

Detailed Draw Results for California

Matching Numbers Winning Tickets Prize Amounts
5 + Powerball 0 $37,000,000
5 0 $126,633
4 + Powerball 1 $64,151
4 18 $466
3 + Powerball 48 $181
3 1,457 $6
2 + Powerball 1,124 $8
1 + Powerball 8,305 $5
Powerball 19,331 $4
Total Winning Tickets 30,284

Most recent and next Powerball drawings
The next Powerball drawing will be on Sunday 03 May 2020, with an estimated jackpot of $51 million (cash value amounts to $41.9 million). Before this, the last draw took p[lace on 29 April 2020, and the winning numbers were 02,20,49,61,67, and 29.

On 27 April, joe B from pueblo won two $1 million Powerball prizes and claimed that instantly.

Past Winning Numbers

Last Updated Apr 27, 2020 10:16:37 p.m.

Detailed Draw Results for California

Matching Numbers Winning Tickets Prize Amounts
5 + Powerball 0 $37,000,000
5 0 $126,633
4 + Powerball 1 $64,151
4 18 $466
3 + Powerball 48 $181
3 1,457 $6
2 + Powerball 1,124 $8
1 + Powerball 8,305 $5
Powerball 19,331 $4
Total Winning Tickets 30,284

How to Play Powerball

Powerball bet starts at $2 .for every game, players have to choose five values from the pool of 69 white colored balls, and 1 number from 26 reds ones.

Players have a choice whether to select their own set of numbers or go for auto-generated win a jackpot, one must have to match all five of white balls and a red one; this is least 3 white balls and a red ball have to match to win a prize

    Game Odds

    If you want to win a prize by just matching the Powerball number, or by matching all 5 numbers, more the Powerball number.

    Match Odds 1 in
    All 5 of 5 and Powerball 292,201,338
    All 5 of 5 11,688,054
    Any 4 of 5 and Powerball 913,130
    Any 4 of 5 36,526
    Any 3 of 5 and Powerball 14,495
    Any 3 of 5 580
    Any 2 of 5 and Powerball 702
    Any 1 of 5 and Powerball 92
    None of 5, only Powerball 39
    Overall odds of winning 24.87
    Powerball jackpot
    Jackpot winners receive an option to take all amounts at once or receive the amount annually in a total of 30 installments. For instance, the lump sum amount of jackpot is $1.6 billion; it would be $904.9 million on an annuity basis.
    The jackpot is typically 32.5% of the total revenue of the base play. When the jackpot happens, the prize of the next jackpot is $40 million .if not; the minimum rollover is $10 million. The award of Powerball gets claimed in the jurisdiction of the state.


    Power-play option

    Power-play option is available in all of the other 44 states except California.basically; the power-play opportunity introduced to increase non-jackpot prize. This option availed for an extra $1 .it multiplies the winning trophy by 10 or 5 for all lower-tier winners. The base price is usually less than $50,000 to avail power-play option. Furthermore, the new possibility introduced in 2001; Its success led to the introduction of many other multipliers. The novelty kept all players invested in the game.

     Powerball numbers and chances of winning prize

    There are ap[proximately nine different prize stages. All, apart from jackpot, guarantees a fixed winning prize. The probability of winning is 1/25. The table ultimately illustrates the chances of success along with he prize.

     Grand prize estimation

    The two of the most prominent factors that determine the grand prize are game sales and annuity factors. The other factors that can have a mild effect on the game are seasons and days of the week.

    Typically sales are relatively higher on SATURDAY drawings and lowest on Wednesday drawings The annuity factor, on the other hand, depends intensely on prevailing interest rates. the advertised grand prize is directly proportional to the interest rates.

    POWERBALL winning numbers

    Several analysts have drawn a range of most common numbers in the history of Powerball. According to data based on that has collected statistics from the most recent drawings, the most common Powerball numbers appear to be 21,9,13,25 and 24. This set of data based on almost three hundred and sixty drawings from 7 October 2015. In this span, the primary ball pool has increased drastically from 59 to 69, whereas the Powerball pool dropped from 35 to 26. According to statistics people mostly go for the following set of numbers: 14, 2, 23, 4 and 5 .
    whereas, the least common numbers appear to be 35,46,65,4 and 34

    The last three drawings took place on 29, 25, and 22 of April 2020; the numbers for 29 April drawing was 02,20,49,61,67,20. For April 25 drawing the numbers were 01,03,21,47,57,18 and for the April 22 drawing that promised 5X reward the numbers were 1,33,35,40,69,24

     How to win

    People normally believe that the odds of matching the Powerball are1/26. Realistically, the chances of matching Powerball alone are more difficult than 1 in Powerball numbers are drawn from two different machines having different sets of numbers. Hence, the probability of winning has the odds for both sets of numbers.

    The important tips and tricks for winning Powerball prize include:
    ● Avoid “quick-picking” as ever time one buys a pick the numbers would be different
    ● Use all the numbers available as utilizing the entire board would increase the probability of
    ● Do thorough research before picking numbers and once one have picked the number stick to
    ones instincts
    ● Follow deeply the patterns of past and futures
    ● Before buying numbers, always set the budget that one needs to spend and never get carried
    away. Don't spend more than one can afford to lose.

     Powerball 27 March 2019

    On this date in the United States, a single lottery ticket sold in Wisconsin had all the six numbers matching and won whopping $768.74 million-the the third largest in the history of the united states. Powerball published that the numbers were 16, 20, 37, 44, 62, and the Powerball number is 12. The odds of matching all the white balls stood at 1 in 292.2 million.

    The winner chose the annuity option of getting the reward paid for the next twenty-nine years. Nearly all other cash prize winners choose for a hand-on money prize. Seven tickets, in total, matched all five white balls but did not match red Powerball in march’s drawing to win a $1 million prize.
     These tickets sold in New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Indiana, California, and Missouri.

    The remaining tickets, sold in Minnesota and kansas, they matched all 5 white balls and 2X the prize to $2 million, as
    power-play options get included in the prize for $1.

     Powerball 23 March 2019

    Contrarily on 23 March 2019, several players played the Powerball lottery, and no one was able to win the grand prize of $638 million. Powerball numbers for 23red march lottery were 24,25,52,60,66,and5.additional powerplay of worth 3X

    While there was no jackpot winner ,almost 10 players were able to match 5 white numbers drawn to accumulate $1 million. The states where the tickets were sold in 8 different states including Florida and New Hampshire.

     Powerball California lottery

    In Nov 2019, gold ranch casino and RV resort sold the winning ticket in $150 million Powerball lottery according to California lottery websites. The winning numbers were: 03-23-32-37-58, and Powerball ranch is one of California's busiest lottery locations.

    In MAY the first draw in California is placed on 02 may , 2020 and the estimated jackpot is $51 million the last draw in California was of worth $37 million held on 25 April 2020.

    Powerball texas lottery

    The latest Powerball lottery in texas took place on 04/29/2020, with no one being able to claim the grand prize of $43 million. Whereas, third prize of $0.1 million claimed by one player. The core value of the texas lottery is responsibility and integrity, and it fully ensures fiscal accountability. The next drawing placed in the first week of May.

    Current situation of Powerball lottery in the light of COVID-19

    The economic effects of the pandemic are quite apparent in the multi-state lottery consortium in the united states. Recently, owing to covid-19 sales have exponentially decreased. The Hoosier lottery has altered the minimum jackpot $100,000. Before that, the prize expected to increase between $200,000 and $300,000.


    Millions of people buy lottery tickets every week. They consider it just a game and enjoy playing. Buying lottery tickets once in a while for fun is not hazardous. But playing with money that one does not possesses is a secrete sauce for catastrophe. For those who are considering the upside of lotteries like Powerball, the good news is that a considerable portion of the reward goes toward the betterment of the education system and children’s programs. The only responsible way to play Powerball is to shed the expectations of winning the huge sum of money and just enjoy the fun of playing Powerball, occasionally.